The Labrador Retriever is a solid, muscular dog, with a short, water-resistant double coat. They have a broad head, brown or hazel eyes and thick noses.  They come in three colors - black, yellow or chocolate only.  The Labrador bred to the AKC Breed Standard is heavier, thicker and stockier than the American Field Lab, which is usually taller and slimmer.  Our passion is the correct Labrador you see in the conformation ring.

Labs are loyal, loving, affectionate and they want to please.  They love water and are friendly with children and other dogs. They crave human attention and need to feel part of the family.

Labs are easy to groom and usually live for 10-12 years.  They NEED exercise everyday. Training is strongly recommended.

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Professional photography by Dwight Dyke - Blackhawk Productions
"My goal in to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am."   author unknown

Siri and her two girls Beetle and Sophie
Old Ridge Incredibly Sweet Surprise